Welcome to DeSoto Dining and Dialogue!

Do you know your neighbors? Do you feel connected to your community? Have you attended a DeSoto Dining and Dialogue dinner event? If your answer to these questions is no, then please consider this your formal invitation to participate in DeSoto Dining and Dialogue.

Join us in building a strong community by attending the next FREE dinner event on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 6:30 p.m and the topic is the City of DeSoto 2014 Bond Referendum

The DeSoto Dining and Dialogue Program is celebrating 10 years of existence. This program was instrumental in DeSoto receiving the All-America City Award in 2006.  It sets DeSoto apart from other cities.  For our next dinner event, DDD is going "back to basics" by focusing the discussion on the elements that make DeSoto a great community.  We invite you to join with your friends and neighbors and share your thoughts on what makes DeSoto an All-America City, what brought you to DeSoto and what keep you here.  The deadline to register for this event is Monday September 15th. 

To register as a guest, click on the REGISTER button on the left.

Here are some video excerpts of a DeSoto Dining and Dialogue Dinner Event.

Take a look at members of the DeSoto Dining and Dialogue Board who appeared on a Grown Folks segment to discuss the program. http://youtu.be/ty9pMcMhxj8